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Focused on Your Outcomes

“I worked with Jen and her team over a period of four years as we were looking to quickly increase our brand and product marketing presence/effectiveness. I enjoyed her honesty in sharing her views, her flexibility and openness to new ideas and unplanned opportunities, and her focus on the outcomes, not just the actions. Jen led her firm to deliver against annual commitments/budgets and made adjustments as needed to make sure we received good results from our marketing investment.”

– Matt Howard, President, Polycor West / Indiana Limestone

Building Preference for Indiana Limestone

503 engaged leads in 30 months.
NPS increase of 34 points!
THIS is how you do “cold” email.
Architects were familiar with Indiana Limestone (the product and the company)… or at least they thought they were. Many assumed limestone was more expensive than other options like cast stone, couldn’t be used for certain applications, or was best used in classical designs. 
As Marketing Director at our former agency, Fat Atom, Fox developed a content plan for Indiana Limestone’s preference building cold email campaign that changed how architects perceived their products while giving the sales team high quality content to share with customers that was informative, inspiring, and valuable. 

Not to brag but...

Jen designed this logo and did a bunch of other cools stuff for ILCO
When you send people content that they actually want to read, they’ll keep opening your emails. 

Landscape architects could apply this information on coursing patterns to their real world projects and share it with builders to help make sure their vision came to life properly.

Ok, so emails were being opened, content was being downloaded... great!
But did it translate to MORE SALES?

Tying Campaigns to Results When the Sales Process is Complex

Because architects don’t buy materials themselves, we used a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to see how well our preference building campaigns were performing. Could Indiana Limestone use marketing to enable sales and influence architects to spec more Indiana Limestone on their projects? Hell yeah!

The NPS survey also gave respondents a chance to give candid opinions which confirmed that the perceived higher cost of natural stone was a big issue for them during the speccing process. However, when an architect understood the differences between Indiana Limestone and cast stone, they became less likely to compare them based on price only. ILCO’s leadership looked at their increasing sales to fabricators and called that a win.

Wait, what's an NPS Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys measure how an audience feels about a company, product, or service. You can run an NPS survey regularly to track how marketing, branding, and sales are working together over time to affect your prospects and customers. It’s pretty cool.

Let us know if you want help setting up your own NPS survey.