Jen and Adam Fox…

…better known as Jen and Fox or The Foxes, are a married couple who legit love working together. Their knowledge and experience spans sales, operations, branding, and marketing. Both love figuring out how to outfox any problem that comes their way.

 Jen and Fox have worked together to develop and execute strategies and enable sales for companies like Indiana Limestone, Williams Comfort Air Group, Vulcraft, Rosboro Lumber, and OB/GYN of Indiana.

Over the last 20+ years, Jen and Fox have done a lot of work for all kinds of clients of all sizes. 

Both have been webmasters, and Jen has been a creative director, a content writer, a graphic designer, account director, and an agency principal and president. Fox has managed million dollar Adwords accounts, been a marketing director, content writer, and unofficial “IT bro”, as well as being Jen’s personal “human Google”.

Now, we want to change how people feel about buying by changing the way companies sell.

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